Made in LatAm

Panelists will discuss how Latin American companies have succeeded across various industries, competing on a global scale with technology, human capital and R&D.

Confirmed panelists:


Alessandro Carlucci
Former CEO, Natura

Infrastructure bottlenecks: how to reignite the development of infrastructure projects in LatAm?

Panelists will discuss the Latin America’s infrastructure challenges, the economic and social impact that the recent corruption scandals had in the development of projects in the region, and provide insights as to the next steps that the different stakeholders can take to reactivate project financing and increase the participation of the private sector.

Confirmed panelists:


Marilene Ramos
Director of Energy, Sanitation and Transport, Public and Socio-environmental Management, BNDES


Robert Kartheiser
Partner and Chair of Global Project Finance, Paul Hastings


2018 Elections: Will the pendulum swing again?

2018's regional electoral calendar requires three major LatAm economies to go to the polls to elect a new president. Much has changed since the previous election: Brazil's political environment has been shaken by a worldwide corruption scandal, Mexico's economy and international relations have been impacted by the results of the US' election, and although Colombia reached an agreement with the FARC, the implementation of the peace process has been moving slowly and is still resisted by a wide sector of the population, even after the first anniversary of the peace accord. Experts will analyze the risks firms and investors face in the short term, and how this election year could impact long-term regional growth in LatAm.


Arturo Sarukhan
Former Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.

Alberto Bernal
Chief of Strategy, XP Securities

Roberto Simon
Director, FTI Consulting